Workshops and Events

stem_micro-251x300The CSCB is committed to maintaining a varied and dynamic programme of training for stem cell biologists. We run numerous training workshops and events throughout the year, particularly in the culture of human ES cells, and can provide assistance to others who wish to establish human ES cell research in their own laboratories. For this we have specific funding from the MRC to operate a `Human ES Cell Resesource Centre´ to assist development of human ES cell research throughout the UK.

If you are interested in any aspects of training, commercial or academic partnerships, please contact our Stem Cell Initiative and Course Coordinator via our online Contact form.

Visiting Scientist Programme

We also run a Visiting Scientist Programme to offer short and medium term visits that provides the facilities and expertise to support pilot projects and knowledge transfer in hESC biology; which helps to obtain either preliminary results prior to further grant applications or expertise in particular techniques related to stem cell biology.

If you are interested in either a short or medium term visit, contact the Centre stating the research project you will be pursuing, the types of experiments you wish to perform during your visit at the CSCB and the techniques you would like to learn. There is a limit to the number of visits the CSCB can host, but all applications from industry and academic institutions will be considered. The cost will vary with the length of the visit and the types of experiments performed. Please fill in our Contact form to inform us of your interest.